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A covered walkway is more than just a decorative choice

A covered walkway is more than just a decorative choice. It makes for a safe, convenient way for people to move between buildings or locations on a campus. Imagine how much happier your customers, employees and students will be when they are able to travel from Point A to Point B without having to brave the rain or hot sun.

Walkway canopies are a popular solution for businesses that want to improve the experience of those entering and leaving their premises. They are particularly useful for prisons, where a lot of people need to get in and out on a daily basis. However, these structures are suitable for a wide range of businesses. A canopy can also provide protection for entryways into shopping malls, airports and other commercial developments.

The structure is usually constructed from extruded aluminum and installed over a sidewalk, providing patrons with a sheltered route between buildings. It can be designed to match the existing architecture of a building or campus. It can also include specialty features such as trellis designs or wood grain powder coat finishes.

Various structural styles are available for walkway covers, with the choice ultimately being determined by how far the cover needs to span. For instance, a custom suspended canopy system may be more appropriate than a gutter fascia profile for structures with long spans. Both canopy profiles, however, offer internal drainage systems that can be configured to discharge water through a scupper in the corner of the frame at the leading edge or through a downspout in a designated downspout in the wall of the frame at the building.

A walkway canopy is a cost-effective way to ensure that the people moving between buildings or locations stay dry. It also protects against the sun’s harmful UV rays and the rain’s cold, driving wind. The result is a more pleasant experience for those on the premises, and it can help to raise customer satisfaction levels in addition to improving employee morale.

A walkway canopy can be easily integrated with solar panels, allowing for the possibility of self-sufficiency and a reduction in energy costs. The panels can be incorporated as standard panels or solar glass, where photovoltaic modules are laminated into the canopy’s glass sheets. The result is a seamless, stress-free installation process that provides you with an environmentally friendly solution for your facility. We can take care of the entire project, including canopy, solar panels and grid connection, for a complete, turn-key service. We can even offer a finance option, making it easier for you to afford the solution you need to improve your business. Get in touch with us today to find out more about the benefits of installing a walkway canopy.wsz