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Bill Bhangal, Former Brampton Conservative Party Candidate

Former Brampton Conservative Party candidate Bill Bhangal has been convicted of one count of sexual assault. He was sentenced to four months of house arrest after being found guilty of driving a woman to a secluded area in April 2011 and kissing her under her clothes. The judge described the crime as low to moderate.

Bill Hundal

Bill Hundal is an attorney with a passion for the law. He is a former federal prosecutor who lives in New York. He is also a writer and editor. In addition to his book The Law of Attraction, he has contributed numerous articles to major publications. In his latest book, A Passion for the Law of Attraction, Hundal explores the ethical issues surrounding sexual harassment and how to combat them.

In addition to the evidence presented at the trial, Hundal claims that he was denied his right to confront the victim witness. The court denied his defense counsel’s motion to subpoena Dr. Howells, and the prosecutor peremptorily challenged Hundal’s ability to obtain a court order to have him testify about his substance abuse issues. Despite Hundal’s efforts, the case has been upheld and Hundal was sentenced to six years in state prison.

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Sexual assault charges against Bill Bhangal

A Brampton politician was convicted of sexual assault charges against him last month. Gurmeet “Bill” Bhangal, the married Conservative Party candidate, had confessed to kissing a woman under her clothes in April 2011. The Crown argued that Bhangal had conspired with the victim to get an alibi. The court agreed, but gave him only 18 months probation and a DNA sample.

According to the complaint, Bhangal forced the victim to kiss him and groped her under her shirt. It is unclear what exactly happened at the time, but the complainant described herself as angry and frightened, especially around older people. She also told police that she had dropped out of school and was struggling financially. Her parents had to step in and pay for her expenses. The woman told police about the incident a week later, and told her mother and supervisor at work.