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encountered fake jailbreaks that claim to be a Checkrain jailbreak

You may have encountered fake jailbreaks that claim to be a Checkrain jailbreak. There are several ways to spot a fake jailbreak. First, always check the source of the download. Then, check for links to real jailbreaks, or contact us for more information. We will respond promptly.

Discussions: fake Checkrain jailbreak

You might have seen people talking about the fake Checkrain jailbreak IP address in forums. This new jailbreak tool is becoming a popular target for scammers. These scammers have a malicious “mobileconfig” profile that they use to conduct click fraud. Luckily, some users have caught on to the scam. In this discussion, users have been warning others about it.

The fake Checkrain jailbreak IP address works by placing an icon on the iOS springboard that looks like a bookmark. When you tap on this icon, you’re supposed to launch a jailbreak app and connect to the URL. However, this is all a ruse. TheĀ checkrain fake jailbreak IP address loads a webpage that loads as an Apple Web Clip. If you have a non-iOS device connected, the webpage will automatically detect this and load a webpage that pretends to be the real thing.

Links to real jailbreaks

When you jailbreak your iPhone, you can install software and tweaks that Apple doesn’t approve. This means that you can download unapproved programs and enjoy a customized user interface. It can also allow you to change your IP address. These features make jailbreaking a very valuable tool for iPhone users.