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Furnace Repair – How to Tell If Your Furnace Needs Repair

Furnace repair costs vary depending on the furnace model and the problems that need to be solved. It can cost around $150 for a basic tune-up, but can go as high as $450 for a complete replacement. The price will also include any labor and parts needed to fix the problem.

If your furnace has a leaking gas valve, it is a sign that the furnace needs repairs. You should call an HVAC technician to investigate the problem. They can also check for carbon monoxide leaks. Also, if the furnace has a moldy odor, it can indicate allergen build-up. Once the issue is determined, you should get your furnace cleaned.

Another sign of a potential furnace repair problem is an ice buildup in the pipes. ThisĀ Furnace Repair can be caused by a bad connection. Your local gas supplier can help with this problem. In addition, if you have a programmable thermostat, you may have to reset it according to the conditions. A simple adjustment can keep your furnace running at a healthy temperature.

Other common problems that require furnace repair include a blower motor that doesn’t work. When this happens, it is important to turn off the furnace and call a professional. Some of the more serious issues can be caused by a malfunctioning blower belt.

One of the most important furnace components is the heat exchanger. When this component begins to corrode, you will notice a metallic smell in the room. The furnace may begin to burn more frequently and create a high-pitched squealing sound. There are some quick and easy ways to clean the heat exchanger.

If you have a programmable thermostat, make sure it has the correct date. This can be done by going to the manufacturer’s website and looking up the specific model.

If you have a high carbon monoxide level in your furnace, it is also important to call a furnace repair service. You may also experience soot or a burning smell. This can be caused by a cracked heat exchanger, so it is important to call a professional for furnace repairs.

If you have a programmable furnace, it is also essential to follow the instructions for troubleshooting. Make sure you check the thermostat settings and ducts. Usually, you should have your furnace running at least once a year to get the most out of it. If you do not, you could be wasting money on a furnace that is not functioning at its best.

Lastly, be sure to check for a low battery symbol on your thermostat. If you do not have the right batteries, your thermostat will revert to its default program. For some thermostats, you can bypass this by punching in the desired temperature.

Besides the furnace itself, there are many other components in a system. Whether it’s a gas furnace, electric or heat pump, all of these components need to be checked to be sure they are functioning properly. Even if you are unsure, it is always best to have a pro perform a full system check to ensure the furnace is working efficiently.