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How to Choose the Best Attic Vents in Tucson

During the summer months in Arizona, the temperatures can reach as high as 160 degrees. In order to avoid the discomfort and expense of a high Arizona attic temperature, you need to ensure that your attic is properly ventilated. If your home doesn’t have proper ventilation, you could suffer from mold and mildew, which can lead to structural damage and rotting shingles.

A properly ventilated attic can also extend the life of your roof and other building components. In addition, a cooler attic reduces the amount of energy you use on your air conditioning. This means lower energy bills and less maintenance costs. Fortunately, there are several different attic ventilation options that you can choose from.

Soffit vents are commonly found under the eaves of your home. These small holes allow cool air to enter the attic. They are often located between the eaves and the roof sheathing, which prevents moisture from entering the attic.

Soffit vents are often placed 5 to 6 feet apart along the eaves. This allows equal ventilation on both sides of the structure. Individual soffit vents are also commonly installed along the eaves, but they are smaller and not as effective as continuous systems.

Ridge vents are another attic ventilation option that you can choose from. They are located at the peak of your roof and are an excellent way to exhaust hot air. They also have a large surface area to help expel large amounts of hot air. They are ideal for attics with 300 square feet of ceiling space or more. If your attic is smaller, you might be better off with Best Attic Vents in Tucson individual soffit vents.

Gable vents are located near the peak of your roof on the sides of your attic. These vents can be enhanced with fans to help cool the highest areas of your attic. Gable vents also have louvers, which allow a limited amount of air to enter the attic.

In addition to exhaust, these vents also help to reduce the amount of heat that is entering your attic. If your attic is located in a wet area, you may want to consider gable venting. They can help prevent moisture from entering your attic and can also help keep your roof warranty intact.

When you’re choosing a roof ventilation system, it’s important to consult a professional to determine which type is best for your home. A professional can also help you find a solution to any roof ventilation problems you may have. It’s important to get your attic vents installed correctly in order to prevent high Arizona attic temperatures and maintain the structural integrity of your roof.

If you’re interested in improving your energy efficiency and lowering your cooling costs, you should consider installing a solar attic fan. These fans don’t add any extra cost to your electric bill, and they can provide you with the best attic ventilation possible. It’s also important to consult with a trusted roofing contractor to ensure that you’re installing a roof vent that’s best for your home.