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Moving Training by Mack

Earlier this year, Mack and Volvo moved their joint dealer and fleet technician training center from Joliet, Ill., to a new, larger facility in Tinley Park. Technical Training Managers Jason Wasserott and Adam Prusakiewicz say the new training center is bigger, more modern and better equipped than the previous site. The main difference, however, is that the new training center now teaches BEV courses (including safety, operation and maintenance) in addition to diesel curriculum.

Gone are the squat racks groaning moving training by Mack with clanking weights and pumped-up trainers pushing clients past their limits. In their place are plyometrics, crawl patterns and band walking designed to unlock muscle elasticity and mobility. It’s a holistic approach, equal parts performance technology and integrative human movement engineered to help spark faster recovery and lengthen careers.

This year, Mack Trucks Academy is taking its training even further by introducing an advanced six-week weight-training circuit-based workout program called Move with Mack. These booty-building lower body workouts, upper-body strength and endurance circuits and full-body sculpting finishers are 30-60 minutes in duration.

In other news, Crust by Mack is moving from the communal Whitehall Mill in Hampden to a brick-and-mortar space near Baltimore’s historic Inner Harbor. Though they’ll miss the wrap-around lines of customers queued up outside their counter, co-owners Amanda and Jarrod Mack are eager to see what’s in store for their new home. They’ve already launched a quarterly supper club series that carries on the bakery’s community-focused mission and will feature produce from local farms Black Yield Institute and Strength to Love Farm.