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The Chrysler 300C 1957 – Refined and Powerful

If you’re looking for a car that is both refined and powerful then the Chrysler 300c 1957 is one of the best cars you will ever drive. With its long, sleek profile it is the definition of beauty while its mighty Hemi engine will make you feel like a commanding pilot.

This car is a testament to the power of Virgil Exner’s design. Its restrained look hid a monster that had 375 horsepower and dual quad carburetors under the hood. The car was able to harness this power thanks to engineering advances like the Torqueflite automatic transmission and heavy-duty torsion bar front suspension. The car was also designed to be driven and this is evident in the way it handles with a firm, smooth ride and advanced features that make driving fun and easy.

Inside this stunning 300C you will find a large, airy driving environment that can easily hold the entire family in style and comfort. Its soft, supple leather seats are padded with NOS cushions that have a reassuring firmness to them. A new black carpet ties the color theme together and bright stainless accents are framed by a super cool “300” emblem, a rare Highway Hi-Fi record player and pushbuttons for the tough Torqueflite transmission. The car has a few minor wear marks but these are minimal and don’t detract from the overall appeal of the interior.

Outside, this 300C has a clean and fresh appearance with little sign of rust or body damage. The rear fenders are nice and straight and the convertible top is in excellent condition. Its chrome wheels are in great shape with lots of tire tread left. This car has the optional single headlamp treatment which is unique and a real eye catcher.

Behind the car, it has jet-inspired tail lights centered on a simple chrome tag bracket. A second original re-chromed bumper is on the opposite side of the car.

This car is one of the very few first year letter series convertibles in existence and it is a true classic that can be enjoyed by both family and friends. It’s a beautiful and powerful car that has been carefully restored and is an example of American craftsmanship at its finest. It’s also a great investment opportunity that will only increase in value over time. Don’t miss your chance to own this amazing car!