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The Ultimate Guide to Tongue Piercings

If you’re considering getting a tongue ring, you might be wondering how to take care of your new piercing. Here are a few tips to keep in mind. These include: Aftercare, Pain level, Barbell size, and more. Follow these steps to keep your piercing healthy and infection-free. If you’re considering getting a tongue ring, you’ll be glad you’ve read this ultimate guide!

Pain levels

If you’re considering getting your tongue pierced, you may be wondering how much pain to expect from the procedure. The good news is that the pain will soon subside. Here are some tips to minimize pain. Try to avoid alcohol-based mouthwashes and eat soft, warm foods. Avoid oral sex and French kissing during the healing period. For best results, try to limit your intake of hot or acidic foods, and avoid smoking.

Infection: While tongue piercings are relatively painless, proper aftercare is essential for quick healing. A good piercer will be happy to talk you through the basic aftercare steps. Use a clean toothbrush and toothpaste, and alcohol-free mouthwash to prevent the swelling and discomfort. You can expect a healing time of a few weeks, but it depends on your level of pain and how well you care for your new piercing.


Aftercare for ultimate guide to tongue piercing is important to ensure a fast and pain-free recovery. The first few days after the piercing should be spent resting and avoiding spicy foods. Ice packs can also be applied to the wound to reduce swelling. Sexual intercourse should be avoided until the piercing is completely healed. Signs of infection include redness, swelling, and severe burning. For more information on aftercare for tongue piercing, please read the following.

One of the most important ways to reduce the risk of infection is to wash your hands well before touching the piercing. Keeping your piercing clean and dry will help ensure that you minimize the risk of infection. You should also refrain from picking or moving the piercing unless it is dry. Turning jewellery can cause secreted discharge to tear and allow bacteria to enter the wound, extending the time it takes for healing.

Getting a piercing

Getting a tongue piercing is an excellent way to show off your unique style and unique sense of style. However, it is important to understand some precautions before you have your tongue pierced. First, make sure you have healed well. The healing process can be prolonged if you are under the weather. Avoid eating and drinking too much alcohol or smoking a couple of days before the piercing. Your piercing will not be permanent unless it has healed completely.

The first day after a tongue piercing is a period of rest, so it is important to stay away from certain types of acidic foods and drinks. These foods can irritate the piercing and result in a painful yeast infection. After your piercing, you can resume eating hard foods. For the next two days, avoid drinking hot drinks as this can cause further swelling. Also, remember to keep your mouth clean by rinsing it regularly with salt water.