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Truck Accident Lawyer With a Successful Track Record

Truck accidents are often more complex than car accident cases and have a greater potential to cause severe injuries. When a collision with a truck occurs, you need an experienced New York City Truck accident lawyer with a successful track record to help you obtain fair compensation for your injuries and losses.

While there are many qualities to look for in a good truck accident attorney, the most important are experience and success rate. In addition to a strong track record, the lawyer you choose should be accessible and responsive to your questions and concerns. A quality lawyer will work to build a solid case for you, keep you informed, and fight to secure the maximum compensation possible.

A qualified truck accident lawyer will investigate the collision, assess liability to determine who is at fault, and file claims against all parties that are liable for your injuries. The law firm you choose should also have the resources to hire expert witnesses such as accident reconstruction experts, medical professionals, economists, and vocational rehabilitation specialists, if necessary. Expert witnesses are able to provide testimony that strengthens your claim and increases the likelihood of obtaining maximum compensation.

Whether you have suffered from serious injuries or less-severe ones, such as whiplash, it is essential that you consult with an experienced truck accident lawyer immediately after the crash. This will ensure that all your legal rights are protected and that you receive the full amount of damages to which you are entitled.

The initial investigation will include collecting information from all witnesses, taking photographs of the collision scene, and documenting the trucks’ and drivers’ license plate numbers and insurance details. It will also involve inspecting the vehicles to identify and preserve critical evidence such as skid marks, debris, and distances between objects that could help reconstruct the accident’s cause.

Once the investigation is complete, the lawyer will prepare your claim and negotiate with the trucking company’s insurance provider to obtain a fair settlement. The insurance company will try to reduce the amount they have to pay by putting as much of the blame on you and your actions as possible, which is why it’s important that your attorney has extensive courtroom experience.

If negotiations with the insurance company fail, the attorney will be ready to take your case to trial. It is rare for truck accident cases to go to trial, but when they do, you want an attorney who has the experience to present a compelling case and advocate on your behalf. A quality truck accident attorney will also be familiar with the rules and regulations governing truck accidents in New York, such as the requirements for giving notice to government agencies involved in the collision. This can expedite your case and prevent a delay in filing your claim.