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How Digital Marketing Helps Plumbing

Once upon a time, consumers found plumbers in the Yellow Pages or by word-of-mouth. These days, though, customers usually turn to the Internet for information about plumbing companies before hiring them. The Internet also makes it easier for plumbing companies to reach out to prospective clients with effective digital marketing strategies. Here are a few ways digital marketing helps plumbing:

Social media

Using social media to promote a company is one of the most popular plumbing digital marketing helps plumbing digital marketing techniques. It allows plumbers to engage with customers in a way that’s both personal and professional, and it’s a great way for customers to get a feel for a plumber before making an appointment. In fact, customers who read positive online reviews spend 31% more on services from the businesses they patronize. Using a service like Scorpion, a plumbing software that lets you manage your social media content in a single place and automate the process of encouraging customers to write reviews, can make it easy for plumbers to build a trusted image on the Internet.

Search engine optimization

Having a strong SEO strategy is important for any business, and it’s especially critical for plumbing businesses that want to show up on Page 1 of Google’s organic search results. With the right mix of keywords and location, a plumbing website can easily rank for “plumbing contractors,” “unclog drain,” and other related search terms.

Pay-per-click marketing

Putting your plumbing company’s name at the top of local searches is an effective way to generate leads. With paid advertising services like Google’s Local Services Ads, you only pay when a potential customer clicks through to your website and books an appointment. The key to getting these ads seen is ensuring that your plumbing company website uses the right keywords and phrases in the content, title tags, meta descriptions, and image alt text. A skilled marketing agency can help you identify the best keywords to use in your campaigns and target them to the specific geographic regions where your potential clients live.

Email marketing

Email is a favorite digital marketing technique for plumbers because it allows them to stay in touch with existing and prospective clients. By sending out newsletters, coupons, service reminders, announcements and holiday cards, plumbing businesses can keep their brand in front of prospective and current clients. By using a plumbing software that enables field employees to send out these messages, a plumbing business can streamline the process and improve their conversion rates.

The more leads a plumbing business can convert, the higher their revenue will be. Fortunately, digital marketing has made it much easier to generate quality leads through the Internet than ever before. If your plumbing company wants to take its marketing efforts to the next level, contact ServiceTitan to book a free personalized demo of our all-in-one platform. We’ll be happy to walk you through how our software can grow your business and give you a better picture of how digital marketing works.