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John Robin Law – The Legend of Robin Hood

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The first version of the legend of RobinĀ Hood was created by Robert Edmonds, who wrote a series of ballads in the fifteenth century. The ballads often tell of events in the medieval forest of Barnsdale.

It was in this forest that Robin Hood and his band of outlaws lived and fought. They lived in a community that they built together, and they were not afraid to risk their lives for each other. The strength of their community is shown when Robin and his men are able to rescue Will Stutely, a man who was going to be hanged by the Sheriff of Nottingham.

As soon as the group of outlaws came together, they made a promise to each other that they would help each other. They would steal from the rich so that they could give to the poor. They believed that this was a moral thing to do because they believed that the legal system was unfair and unjust.

When stealing from the wealthy, it was not just money that they took. They also stole things like taxes and rents, which they believed were unfairly taken from them by those in power.

This is a very important part of the story of Robin Hood, as it shows that he was not just a lone wolf who was going to rob from anyone and everyone that he came across. Instead, he gathered his band of men and created a group that they all shared a common love for and that they would fight to protect.

Another important part of the story of Robin Hood is that he always takes care of his people and protects them. He is always looking out for them and making sure that they get what they need. He is not afraid to go against the law, even when it is a good idea for him and his men.

He knows that if his people are harmed, it will be his responsibility to fight for them and make sure that they get the justice that they deserve. He is not afraid to go to trial when necessary to ensure that his clients are treated fairly.

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