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Largest Valves in the Industry

Large valves aren’t always easy to source. Most are too large to machine in-house, so production is often outsourced. This means the cost of raw materials is unknown, and can swing in both directions over the course of a project. Large valves can have unexpected effects on the process and end product.

ITT’s experience with large valves

ITT Engineered Valves has 70 years of experience manufacturing large valves. They make sure all of the considerations are made before manufacturing begins. Many customers are moving toward larger valves, and ITT has the expertise to handle the new demands. For example, two 48-inch valves can handle the same volume of material as one 60-inch valve.

ITT’s engineers have designed large valves for many industries. In the past, they’ve developed valves for steel production, plating, and pickling. They’ve also been used in water treatment and demineralization systems. Despite their versatility, these valves have proven to be an excellent choice for corrosive media.

Large valves are expensive to manufacture. About 90% of these valves are custom-made, and that can increase the price. The cost of custom large valves is also higher because of the attributes that are unique to each application. One important factor is that the valves must be fabricated or cast to meet a specific pressure regime.

DeZURIK’s experience with large valves

DeZURIK’s AWWA Butterfly valve began its evolution over 40 years ago. Today, the company uses the latest in design software and test equipment to produce valves with see here now unsurpassed reliability. The company’s largest valves feature an open disc structure that allows water to flow through the center ports. The company also uses standard packing materials like NBR and EPDM to ensure maximum performance and long service life.

In addition to manufacturing custom valves, DeZURIK designs and manufactures a wide range of valves. These include high-performance butterfly valves, AWWA butterfly valves, V-Port ball valves, knife gate valves, and more. DeZURIK also offers a wide range of other industry-leading products, including rotary control valves.

Using advanced computer-aided design systems, DeZURIK engineers can simulate valve parts in three dimensions and transfer them to Finite Element Analysis software for stress calculations. This allows designers to visualize the deflection of critical parts under extreme loads. The company also considers safety factors and relief requirements in the design of its valves.

Metso’s experience with large valves

Metso has long-standing expertise in the pulp and paper industry and has been a leading supplier of control valves and valve control systems to customers worldwide. The company’s valves and control systems are responsible for processing more than 75% of the world’s pulp. The company has pioneered many large valve technologies and is a leading supplier of intelligent valve controllers.

The ND9000 series intelligent valve controllers from Metso are equipped with sensors to measure internal valve parameters. These measurements allow the company to develop mathematical algorithms to calculate indices in the Performance view of the valve. These features make it possible for the company to provide a wide range of valves with increased safety and reliability, while minimizing maintenance costs.

As the market leader in process performance solutions, Metso offers advanced automation solutions for pulp, paper and oil and gas applications. The company focuses on continuous innovation and employs 16,000 industry experts in 50 countries.