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Tideflex CheckMate inline check valve

A stormwater check valve is used to prevent sea water from backing up into a stormwater pipe network. During high tide, sea water can enter the stormwater pipe network and cause flooding. This happens because rainfall during high tide becomes “trapped” and cannot drain until the tide is low. Tidal flooding can be exacerbated by Nor’easter winds, which can push tide water up into the stormwater collection system and cause greater road flooding. When installed properly, a stormwater check valve is a cost-effective flood control measure.

Designed for inline installation, the Tideflex Checkmate Inline stormwater check valve prevents backflow and flooding of stormwater. Its inline design makes it easy to install without modifying any structure. Many municipalities and commercial property owners choose to use this valve for its easy installation and maintenance-free design.

The CheckMate inline stormwater check valve is made of 100% elastomers and fabric, which eliminates the possibility of corrosion. The CheckMate valve is designed for ease of installation, and it can be customized to resist oil, grease, and chemicals.

The CheckMate Inline Check Valve can be installed in a variety of pipe types and is available in several sizes to meet site specific flow needs. This valve features a low headloss and a large opening area, maximizing the outfall flow capacity. In addition, it eliminates unwanted gases and odors from entering the sewer system, minimizing the impact on the environment.

WAPRO Wastop inline check valve

The WAPRO Wastop inline stormwater check vale offers a number of advantages over conventional check valves. Its unique pulsating flow system eliminates backflow, ensuring a cleaner pipe system. Additionally, it saves substantial maintenance costs. ThisĀ stormwater check valve is an excellent choice for municipal water treatment facilities that experience frequent tidal flooding.

Backflow can cause extensive damage to storm and sewer networks, especially in coastal and near-water locations. It can also pose a health risk. It’s therefore important to stop backflow to prevent flooding and damage. The WAPRO Wastop inline stormwater check valve has a continuous backflow protection feature, preventing sewage backups even under low pressure.

The patented construction of the Wastop prevents backflow, protects the city from floods and protects its residents. Furthermore, the valve also prevents small animals, insects and flotsam from infiltrating the pipeline. It also prevents odors from entering the pipe.

Floating ball check valve

Floating ball stormwater check valves can be used to manage water flow in sewage systems. They are virtually maintenance-free and can withstand large pressure changes. They also feature heavy-duty bosses and corrosion-resistant stainless steel fasteners. There are several types of ball check valves available, including stainless steel, ductile iron, and PVC.

These valves are commonly used in wastewater and stormwater systems. They allow for forward flow of water, then close to prevent backflow. They come in many different diameters and designs. When properly installed, they prevent clogs, prevent flooding, and control backpressure in wastewater treatment plants.

These valves have a unique design and are used in many systems. These valves are typically used in sewers, lift stations, and pumping stations. They are also dependable and highly versatile.